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About Heather

Heather Sprague is not an average candidate. After becoming a young mother at 17, Heather dropped out of school and received a GED. Like countless other Mainers, she struggled with addiction, and her road to recovery shaped her life profoundly. Giving her a deep desire to give back to the communities that have been home her whole life. 


Heather supported her family by digging clams along with other hard labor jobs. So you can be confident that no matter how challenging the fight, she will be right in it, working tirelessly for the best interests of the working-class and average people, not the interests of elites or corporate greed. 


Simply put, We need a candidate like Heather to end the same old, same old in politics in that is devastating rural Maine. A straight shooter that won't BS with politicians and sell people down the line. 


So please join your friends, family, and neighbors in supporting Heather Sprague, a true Mainer for State Representative! She will work tirelessly for us in Augusta. 

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Keep Maine open for business and lower energy costs. 


Protect individual rights and liberties that are under threat. 


Ensure kids are educated, not indoctrinated with radical beliefs.  


Support police and rehabilitate Mainers with substance abuse issues.


Defend Maines fisheries and the families they have supported for generations. 

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